Fire on the Water, Spirits in the Wind

Woodfordia’s Village Green is alive with the heartbeat of the drum, the canopy above and open sky lit up by the fire, alight on the water’s surface. A dancer hops forward, shrouded by a grass veil he blows the dust from his fingertips, following the motions drawn by the hand of the wind.


Smoke rising from fire on the water. Dust settles, guided by the hand of the wind. The spirits are listening. They are watching… they are leading you forth. 



Hailing from the most northern tip of the state, from where the red dust meets the salt water of the Torres Strait, the Injinoo Dance troupe performed each night of this year’s annual Folk Festival. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the folk fest, nestled between the rolling hills of South East QLD, they brought their ancestors stories to life. IMG_1235












Culture knows no age restrictions, with dancers joining the troupe from the time they can walk they learn to shakealeg. In their final dance of the evening, the troupe was joined by Injinoo Elder Meun Lifu, aged 85.

The songs and dances speak of culture and lifestyle of their ancestors and communities today, not only a chance to share their culture, but a means of strengthening within, for generations to come.

Images by Jess Saxton, copyright.

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