From The Pit

I started writing as a reviewer for live music. It was perfect. While studying, I co-created a music blog called Not Street Press that promoted emerging talent and live music in Brisbane. Here’s some of what we got to do in the name of ‘work’.

Hack – Globe Theatre -Nov 2011

Think high energy, think unpredictable punk rock and underground music. Seasoned on the streets of Brisbane, Hack  are a group known for delivering an indulgently immature stage presence while maintaining a super tight performance and high sound quality. It’s plain to see that Hack love nothing more than playing to a live crowd. They feed off the energy of the crowd, breathing it in and injecting it straight into their stage personas to deliver larger than life alternate punk rock.


Interviews with Andrew Wessen of Group Love & Hamish Rosser of The Vines.


The Vines Future Primative Tour- The Hi-Fi, West End -Aug 2011

Craig smashes guitarBy the time The Vines returned onstage for their encore, the mosh was half empty as most of the punters had been picked up, crarried forward, passed into the welcoming arms of the somewhat under-enthused security guards and escorted outside, supposedly to write 100 lines on Why I Should Not Crowd Surf At Concerts.

Rock concert… come on.

They were dubbed in the earlier years by Rolling Stones Mag, as the band that brought back rock’n’roll, and the reasons are not at all misguided. Their FTW attitude, to say the very least.

Frontman Craig Nichols and lead guitarist Ryan Griffiths quelled any thoughts of a second encore with a rather extroverted display of enthsiasm.. that is, they smashed Craig’s guitar to pieces and threw the schrapnel into the writhing, screaming crowd.

Craig bantered with the crowd, red eyed and grinning he proposed that instead of throwing cans anywhere on the stage, extra points would go to anyone who could land one on his head.

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