Rice Mag Issue 3: Get Naked

Issue 3: Get Naked

It doesn’t have to be right now, it can be later, when you are at home alone or in your office with the door closed, maybe the bathroom at the gym- anywhere you feel comfortable and preferably won’t get arrested. There, in your very own space, with your very own lovely company, take a moment to slip into your birthday suit.

Feels good doesn’t it? I wonder if you recognise the person in the mirror? (That is given that you aren’t just staring at a total stranger while in the gym bathroom, come on now, let’s not be creepy.) No, I mean your own reflection.

The truth is, we take such pains to conceal our naked truths, hiding under a carefully constructed suit of self creation to morph into who we tell ourselves we are, and who we
want to be seen as.

-Issue 3 full copy available for download here.

More on beauty and bodies:

IMG_9925Take Off Your Clothes

this body is yours, these freckles on your chest, these bony knees, this cute little butt, these stretch marks and crows feet.

No one else has these exact features and no one can use them in the way that you do…

Every day.That is your gift.

IMG_6656 copy 2Playing With Photography

A collection of sketches and photographic experiments searching for the beauty of life and soul.



IMG_2974Fashion Shoot: River

Sunrise under the Storey Bridge, Brisbane QLD. natural lighting and natural beauty. The beauty of our city and it’s lifeblood.



WildRice CactusFashion Shoot: In the Garden with Wild Rice

We scoped out some beautiful every day places in our home Brisbane and transformed them using beautiful people, some gorgeous makeup by dunkle authentic and of course our own style and good humour.Here’s what happened!


You are beautiful. You have a voice, ideas and opinions that are yours and unique. Find the love within yourself and share it with the world. Foster understanding and kindness and it will flow back to you. Be your beautiful self, everyday. Please.


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