Rice Mag Issue 4: Abandoned

Issue 4: Abandoned

Housed by these urban spaces, these concrete pillars, rivers of stone, towers of brick and mortar, floor to ceiling glass and metal.Without people, it is nothing but walls and pavement.

We make this city, we built these mazes, gave them names, meanings and memories.This city is ours.

We stare at the walls, already laced with workds and images of artists who have seen the promise of the abandoned place as a blank canvas.

“I’d rather create a really great paste up or design and put it up on a wall somewhere that hundreds of people will see each day, than confine my work to the walls of a gallery.”

– Issue 4 full copy available here. –

More stories on city lust and life:

20140425-154800.jpgDrive fast or loose the car

We have twelve minutes to get off the road. Twelve minutes to get from the city centre to our home in the north, before the car is seized. …so we had better drive fast.The traffic in Colombia’s capital thickens to a slow ooze, our ducking and weaving dragging to a mournful halt.


IMG_1689 copyAbandoned Spaces Re-birthed

“I’m not about defacing property,” he said, “I’d never paste or sticker a school or hospital or anything, you know. But if it’s a run down, derelict or abandoned place then to me it just feels like a blank canvas, and we are giving it a new purpose, a new lease on life. It’s all about rebirth.”


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