Off the Wall

Thats the beauty of street art, right? It’s always a collaboration, always dynamic. A constant interaction between the art that was there and the next art that will add or cover yours. You can’t control the weather, the heat, the rain, the wind, the art is shaped by the environment it is created in. It belongs to the streets.

For Tomsen Art, it started with a nikko pen; a licence to leave a mark on the world. Then, with the window opened, he took a path from vandalism to fine art, instead pursuing design and technique over rebellion.

“I mainly do people, portraits from photos of actual people in the world. I think you can tell when a person is done well, it stands out.”

There are legal walls in Brisbane, open to artists to practice full creative control. The walls are ever changing. An open air gallery passed from one artist to the next. A piece can stand for a day, a month, a year or merely a few minutes before becoming a backing canvas for something new.

Today this piece didn’t last the few minutes it took to get some water. A Saturday afternoon sees a high turnover of art on these walls, a glimpse of the coats of paint that shape Brisbane street art. But that’s the whole point, it’s dynamic, ever changing collaboration with perfect strangers and some spray paint. #Brisbanestreetart

IMG_6542 copy

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