Open Letter to our Minister for the Environment

I have sent the following open letter to Minister for Environment Greg Hunt. Please feel free to contact Mr Hunt to ask that he fights to protect our reef and marine eco-systems rather than allow them to be destroyed by dredging, over fishing and pollution.


Good morning,

I am writing today to ask for your help in fighting for our communities and environment. Queenslanders enjoy the beauty of our numerous beaches, rainforests, hinterlands and more and we want to see them protected. The argument seems to be money, but what about supporting and implementing incentives for ecotourism? Voluntourism is taking the world by storm, and Queensland should be supporting organisations to build voluntourism projects to protect and conserve our natural marine enviroments. Let’s use our existing strong point that is our beautiful and unique natural environment and build a sustainable industry around protecting it.

If you can give me a solid counter proposal to this I am all ears, however I do not believe that you have one. So, be the politician that goes down in history for fighting to protect our natural resources before they die off.

You have been elected to fight for our us, to be our voice. We have placed our trust in you. Please show us this is not mis-guided.

Kind Regards


Further reading

Visit Save Our Marine Life –


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