All the time, and not enough money.

There is an a conflict in the adult world that no one seems to warn you of before you decide to grow up and become one of these contributing members of society. That is; you need a job so you have money to buy food, clothes, travel and other fun things (as well as the not so fun things like bills and rent- but don’t you worry, because your adult job will sort that right out.)

The problem is this; where do you find the time? Surely I can’t be pouring this much of my golden years into ensuring I have the means to live when I only have the few hours after work or one day a weekend to do it (the other day usually ending up cleaning up or preparing for the week of work.) Sorry, when am I supposed to be buying nice clothes, sipping on glamorous cocktails and travelling exotic lands?


So quit right? Then you have all the time you need! I don’t have anymore patience for pants or responsibilities! Yeah, great idea.

But oh wait, no money.

I actually did take a daring change in career direction recently; that is to say, I quit my very well paying full time job in order to study. Yahoo right, it’ll be all trips to Mexico and chasing waterfalls now!

Then the money started to run out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had budgeted for this and it is going well, I’m not about to go sell my spleen for a pack of gum, but it’s definitely about time to, erm, tighten the metaphorical pursestrings. (I did actually have the time to go on a magnificent trip to Mexico and Central America and have caught up on some serious waterfall chasing that was lacking in my work days, I’ll tell you all about it soon…)

Where was I? Oh yes, the pursestrings. The good news is, if you’re looking for a good diet you can actually stick to, then definitely quit your job. Fuel isn’t a necessity in the budget anymore, so you walk everywhere and you can’t afford to buy those yummy biscuits… or anything other than cabbage and rice on alternate weeks, so you kick that snacking problem once and for all. You’re welcome.

So where is this middle ground we are supposed to find? You know, the ‘having cake’ and ‘eating it too’ she-bang. If you have time for cake you most likely do not have time to eat it too, is all I’m saying. Is it up to us as employees to say, now hold on there Management, I think it’s time you gave us a Friday off to get to the beach ahead of the weekend traffic?  Should Management just do that on their own? Is a day less a week even the answer?

I think it comes down to priorities, living each day as it comes but also having one eye on the future so you can hold onto all vital organs and afford your gum. Over the last three months I’ve studied, travelled, explored, made time for family, improved my mental and physical health and have learned a lot about myself and life in the meantime. I BINGED on life. On doing things that were good for my soul, while before that I unintentionally binged on work to save enough to be able to do this.

My new mission is to figure out the balance. I’m going to get some crazy circus balance on my life rather than seesaw between euphoric, jobless, penniless vagabond and cashed up work hermit. They say you can’t have it all, but this is the only one life I get- so from here on, it’s going to be cake, hippy pants AND responsibilities.

Peace. x

2 thoughts on “All the time, and not enough money.

  1. hannahadkins says:

    This is so interesting. I’ve recently just quit my (also fairly well paid) job which was taking control of my life in order to focus on a few creative writing projects. Prior to this, I had been told by my peers for a while “if you can afford it, just quit, it’s totally fine”, but as soon as I did it, the “oh have you won the lottery? How are you enjoying being a housewife?” comments started. Taking a leap of faith for yourself is scary and crazy adult-y, but I salute you doing it! I hope you find the balance you are after. HH xo

    • jessicarhian says:

      Good on you Hannah, you only have one life so I think you have to do what makes you happy and if you have saved and planned then it’s there’s no luck or lottery involved, you have earned this time for yourself! Best of luck being a crazy adult, I’m sure you will have a most amazing adventure 🙂 Jess x

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