Off the Wall

Thats the beauty of street art, right? It’s always a collaboration, always dynamic. A constant interaction between the art that was there and the next art that will add or cover yours. You can’t control the weather, the heat, the rain, the wind, the art is shaped by the environment it is created in. It belongs to the streets. Continue reading

In the Garden With Wild Rice

I recently held my first fashion shoot.    Ever.

We scoped out some beautiful every day places in our home Brisbane and transformed them using beautiful people, some gorgeous makeup by dunkle authentic and of course our own style and good humour.Here’s what happened! …

Photography: Jessica Rhian, Wild Rice

Makeup: dunkle authentic

Models: Jess Adjei and Palawasha.

Love it? Check out more pics from the shoots here:

Cactus   City   River

Laura Dance Festival 2013

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Age old markings decorated their bodies, dust thickened the air as the dancers feet met the ground of the sacred meeting place and songs of language and dreaming stories hung on the air, drifting through the silently watching crowds and trees.

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary this year, with a gathering of Aboriginal cultures from across Cape York, each sharing their culture and heritage through song and dance. Three dance groups from the NPA made the 10 hour journey to Laura to be a part of the cultural celebration, sharing their own songs, stories and dance. Dancers, singers and supporters from Injinoo, Umagico and New Mapoon took part in the three day event, showing the cultural strength of their own communities, and the unity of our region, through supporting one another.

“It was deadly to see our communities represented at the festival,” NPA Mayor Bernard Charlie said,  “to see our community members practicing their culture with pride, and supporting each other’s as equals. However, it was disappointing not to see all five communities represented this year, with dancers from Bamaga and Seisia troupes not in the line up.”

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Images by Jess Saxton, copyright.

Full album PDF available for download here, proudly sponsored by Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council.