Carvings from the Birthplace of Buddha

Crouched over a partially finished wooden window sits one of Nepal’s finest craftsmen. His brow is creased in concentration, his arms moving swiftly across the wood, deftly craving away the wood to reveal his design. Small piles of wood shavings carpet the concrete, each coil delicately hand carved by craftsmen and women sitting cross legged on the workshop floor or balancing above their work, their suspended weight used to drive their tools and aid their craft. Continue reading

Mothers of the Sea

Just kilometers from the most Northern tip of mainland Australia, on the white sandy beaches bordering the crystal waters of the Torres Strait, for the first time ever, nesting turtles are being tagged as part of an annual Turtle Monitoring Camp conducted by Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers.

Under the watchful gaze of a team of indigenous rangers, each nesting mother works slowly to scrape aside the sand with her rear flipper, digging away the damp sand to build her nest. It has to be the just right distance up the beach, the right depth in the sand and the right shape to properly incubate her eggs and provide enough air for them to breath when they hatch months from now. Continue reading